Thursday, December 2, 2010

Robots Vs. Unicorns

Do you ever make stupid New Years' resolutions, then realize with the next new year looming that you haven't kept any of them? Thats what this is. I told myself that I would keep a record of things because my memory is crap...well its been almost a year and here I am. So to begin...

The Basics:

I'm your average prairie deweller and contrary to popular belief, us prairie folk are majoritively not:
a) Hicks
b) inbred
c) over friendly with farm animals
or worst of all...
d) Conservatives

I'm currently a student, taking courses that are largely of the completely useless variety and loving it. This kind of works for me, considering I have absolutely no aspirations of any sort. I love all things fantasical and ridiculous which of course means I'm an avid Metro News reader. My interests lie in books (general fiction, historical fiction and fantasy), film and though I'm kind of ashamed to say it...gossip blogs.

So there you have it. My first post.

Best Gossip Blogs:
Dlisted - A hilarious take on celebrity gossip
Oh No They Didn't! - The most epic of pop culture sites

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